Abdominal wall laxity and loose skin is an undesirable appearance. It will reduce an individual’s confidence. It sometimes causes abdominal discomfort, recurrent infection under the folded skin. In some severe cases, it can even limit the mobility of the affected persons. It will also reduce the strength of the core muscle. The abdominal laxity is caused by myriad etiologies. Most common causes are previous pregnancy, massive weight loss, and severe abdominal injury.

In order to restore the abdominal strength and appearance, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is the treatment of choice. This procedure will remove the loose skin after the abdomen and the sixpacks will also be tightened during the surgery. This will not only improve the abdominal appearance, but also improves its strength. The procedure will be done under general anesthesia. The incision will be well-hidden under the bikini line. The scar around the belly button is quite small and normally does not catch anyone attention.

You will feel the tightness of your abdomen right after the surgery. This tightness will gradually improve in a few weeks. Most patients will be able to stand straight and walk normally within a few weeks. For patients who smoke, you need to stop at least 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the surgery to minimize the problems after the surgery. If you come from overseas, you should plan to stay in Thailand at least 10 days after the surgery for recovery.