Facial expression is an important part of our communication. It represents how we feel and how we react to the people and environment around us. Once we aged, these expressions will create unwanted lines around the eyes, above the eyebrow and on the forehead. These lines make us look tired and angry. Botulinum toxin injection is the treatment option to soften these expression lines. The drug will weaken the muscles which responsible for creating wrinkles. The good injection will reduce the appearance of the lines without creating a stiff-looking face.

The injection can be done as an outpatient. It will take 30-45 minutes to perform. There will be no trace of the injection after 1-2 hours. The patients can enjoy their life like normal. However, they have to avoid facial massage or pressure on the injected areas during the first week of the injection. They will notice improvement of the lines around their eyes in a few days after the injection.  The vertical line above the eyebrows and the forehead crease will take 1-2 weeks before getting better. The effect will last 4-6 months. Once the drug wears off, the patient will notice that their wrinkles return. It’s then the time for him/her to repeat with another injection if desires.