Breast augmentation

Fuller breasts make a person feel more confident. You will be able to fit in your cloth better and nicer. That’s why breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedure requested by patients. It will enhance the appearance of the entire breast. The procedure will also increase the fullness above the level of the nipple which most women desire. In some cases, this fullness disappears after breast feeding and it can be restored by augmentation alone or sometimes combination of breast augmentation and lifting.

Breast augmentation will be done via an incision in the fold under the breast. This is a very well-hidden incision. The scar will be invisible in any type of clothing and even in a bikini. The procedure will take approximately 2 hours to perform under general anesthesia. All of the stitches will be self-dissolving and do not need to be removed after the surgery. If your breast are sagging significantly, breast lifting can be done simultaneously and the implant can be placed via the breast lift incision.

The procedure is normally associated with mild pain and discomfort after the surgery. I suggest my patient to avoid heavy lifting and upper body work out for a month after the surgery. Yoga and Pilates should also be avoided for a month after the surgery to avoid discomfort. You should wear surgical bra or sport bra for a month after the surgery to avoid any pain at the incisional site. After one month, you can fit yourself with a new appropriate-sized underwired bra.