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Aloha Dr. Seree

It has been now 4 months since I had the surgery at Bumrungrad which you did in April of this year.  When I returned to Hawaii I did wear the hood for about 2-3 weeks and had a friend put on the salve which you prescribed for me.  I had hardly any discoloration when I returned home and only my two close friends noticed it.  I had swelling for a number of weeks and then it went down.  When it is very hot which it has been I feel some light pulling on my face.   

My best friend thinks I look 20 years younger and she is a very sincere person and generally tells you the way it is. Only two to three people noticed the change in my Orchid Society and those are people I only see once a month.   I think the surgery was a success and I have no folds or wrinkles on my jowl or neck area. Look like a 20 year old .  


All in all I look much better and younger and that is the way I feel, as I have no pain in my body Thanks be to God.  If you think I should have this under eye situation improved,  I can come back to see you.  Please look at these pictures and let me know your opinion.  I wonder if I should have a touch up done on my under eyes or if that is even feasible and would improve that hollowness, and maybe correct that hood on my left eye which closes my eye more than the other eye. I might consider coming back to Thailand and have a breast implant done as well.  It is Probably late in life for a breast implant,  but I always wore padded bras and wished I had a larger bust, not that I need it for some lover,  I have a gentleman friend but not a lover.


As a whole, I think you did a terrific job in rejuvenating my face quite a bit,  I would want to do a great write up on you and leave good comments on the web site "" but I  cannot leave a comment and grade you unless you join them first.


Here is the web site that a lot of people use to find a plastic surgeon as they can see the ratings by various patients.  This is the site of Bangkok plastic surgeons.


Before I can give you a commendation and write up and rate you, you will have to join them first and that involves some kind of fee.

I think a good surgeon as yourself could draw a lot of clients from this web site.  I looked at all the comments and ratings of the ones listed under Thailand, but when I contacted the Healing Hands organization to engage some Philippine nurses they recommended you instead of some of the others on that list.  That is how I found you and I am very glad I did.


If there is any other site that you are currently listed and I am not aware of and I could leave some good comments on you, please let me know.  If you want to use some of the pictures I sent you to show to potential clients, you may do so.  If someone wants to check you out and contact me, please give her/him my phone numbers  (xxx) xxx-xxxx mobile phone after 12:00 pm until 3:00 am Hawaiian time, or home line (xxx) xxx-xxxx and my e:mail address:   I would be glad to talk with them to take their fear of surgery away and give you the best recommendation.


If you think I should come back and you can improve my eyes and take the bulges and sunkeness out, let me know.  I might do so on the way to visiting another country, but would not mind coming back and do nothing but eating the fantastic Thai food which I love.  Will never go treking in the deciduous rain forest again with these orchid professors and die of heat as some of us almost did pass out in Northern Thailand where we were trekking in these rain forest when it was 105 degrees.


Please give me your comments and suggestions.  I am sure my face will still change in the next few months and at that time should probably update you and send you some more pictures.