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Patient testimonial 2

In 1959 at the age of 11 years old, my nose was broken and shifted to the left.  This severely blocked my left nasal passage and slightly restricted my right nasal passage.  With the slightest irritation from dust or pollen I frequently could not breath through my nose, at all.  This was especially present at night and resulted in heavy snoring and frequent migraine headaches that would wake me at 3:00 to 4:00 AM.  I lived with this, taking shots for allergies, and drugs for migraines for 57 years.  in July 2016 Dr. Seree straightened my nose and changed my life.

    When I first met with Dr. Seree he was very good about telling me about how this surgery would go, and the recovery time.  He did tell me that at first it would be painful because he had to re-break my nose to correct it.  This caused me some concern, and I made arrangements to stay in the hospital a second day if I needed to due to pain.  Well it did hurt, and there were a few hours when I regretted my decision to have this surgery because of the pain.  I did stay in the hospital the second day, and the nurse staff there was great at giving me pain meds to reduce my discomfort.  Yes I survived, and the pain faded over a few days so that I was comfortable.

    Even though I had second thoughts for a short while due to the pain, I would do it again now because of how it has changed my life.  I have not had a single runaway migraine in  over 6 months.  I now snore occasionally like a normal person.  I am a deep sea diver and now have no problems with clearing the pressure in my ears.  And, my face no longer looks crooked.  Thank you Dr. Seree. 

Best Wishes