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Patient testimonial

Dr. Seree operated on me during August 2016 

I am a 68 year old American living in Bangkok.   Dr Seree performed a face lift and lower eyelids.

My husband and I (and all my friends) are so happy with the results!!!! I had my original consult with Dr Seree a few weeks before the surgery.   He explained the procedure and potential risks...and the after effects.    When he told me I'd have "very little pain after the 4-5 hour surgery"...I was mildly skeptical....but he was right!!!!   I took a couple of Tylenol the first day or two....and needed NOTHING afterwards....amazing!!!!  Yes my eyes were swollen andblack and blue....and some minor face swelling...but incredibly NO PAIN!!!

I look and feel at least 10 years younger...and I look totally natural....not like some of these Hollywood movie stars who's skin is stretched so tight that they look like a lizard!!! I am so completely happy with my results and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that would want cosmetic surgery!   Dr Seree is totally personable and professional!!!


My sister will be coming from Arizona, USA, during July 2017 for her own face life with Dr Seree.  

With so much appreciation to Dr Seree!!!!


Warmest regards