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Photo shooting technique

picture name

For the best evaluation via email, I will need a good set of photos which show adequate detail of the concerned areas. Please follow the following instruction.

-Always zoom in about half way to prevent distortion. 
-Take photo in a well-lighted room or in bright natural lighe. If possible, photo should be taken without camera flash to prevent shadowing.
-The camaera should be in the same level as the concerned areas to prevent distortion. 
-The photos should include the entire organ and adjacent area. For example, Facial procedure should include full face and neck area. Breast procedure should include the area from the shoulder down to the umbilicus. 
-Always include 5 views: frontal , right & left profile, and right & left 45 degree obliques
-For nasal procedure, nostril view is also needed. You can shoot this photos by tilting your head back as much as you can and shoot the photo from below.