Once you reach the magic number “4”, many of us experience sagginess of our face. The face is not as tight and as full as it used to be. The smile lines seems to be slightly too noticeable. We still thinks it is a bit premature to proceed with face lift. In this situation, ultherapy is a reasonable option.

Ultherapy is an ultrasonic-based treatment. It will send the ultrasonic energy to tighten the deeper layer of the muscle. With its technology, the operator can target at the deeper layer of the face. It will provide some tightening effect to the face. It is a reasonable option for patients with some facial sagginess with minimal skin excess. It can be done as an office-based procedure with minimum to no downtime after the procedure. The tightening effect will last up to 1 year. If you are interested with this treatment, you should discuss with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon to find out whether ultherapy is right for you.